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We manufacture
pressure vessels, heat
exchangers and filter equipment

We’re a successful family company from Pardubice.

We supply the following companies

We design and manufacture (almost) anything

We have our own design office

Heat exchangers, filters, reservoirs or vacuum furnaces. We can handle anything within the following dimensions:

Weight: up to 60 tons

Wall thickness: from 5 mm to 60 mm

Volume: from 5 to 120 cubic metres

We manufacture using carbon, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant steels.


We have already manufactured these. What can we manufacture for you?

We supply design, calculation and technical documentation

We primarily work for design offices. But we can also order directly from the client.

Why do global companies choose family production from Pardubice?

Own design office

We only require basic data. We will design and deliver everything with technical documentation.

You speak directly with the Managing Director

Our organisers understand production. No downtime, we exchange information quickly.

Our terms are reliable

When you enter, we will tell you if the delivery date is tight or if we have room for changes.

Changes? No problem at all

Does the project change under your hands? We will help you. We will roll up our sleeves and work on requests in an instant.

Certifications we are proud of

You probably know most of them. But you’ll also find the strict American ASME and European PED certification with us.

ASME U – stamp
PED 2014/68/EU – H1
Modul H
AD Merkblatt, EN 3834-2
AD Merkblatt, EN 3834-2
ISO 14001
ISO 9001
EAC - Výměníky tepla
EAC – Výměníky tepla
EAC - Trubkové výměníky
EAC – Trubkové výměníky
EAC - Tlakové nádoby
EAC – Tlakové nádoby
EAC - Potrubní díly 1
EAC – Potrubní díly 1
EAC - Potrubní díly 2
EAC – Potrubní díly 2
EAC - Netlakové nádoby
EAC – Netlakové nádoby
ISO 3834-2
EN 1090-2

Come for the audit in Pardubice

and meet our directors

Want to make sure we’re ideal for you? Come for an audit, where we will proudly show you the production.

You’ll be welcomed by one of our Managing Directors. We are all children of the founders of Strojon and we are involved in production every day.


Jednatelé společnosti STROJON u cyklonů.

Discuss your order
directly with the Managing Director

Do you need to know what we can do, when we can do it, and how much it will be?

Discuss it with Managing Director Karl Jonáš.

He understands production and will answer any question.

+420 724 794 468

Would you rather describe your order?


STROJON s.r.o.


Are you interested in our products or services? Contact us.
Trade: +420 724 794 468Purchase: +420 774 509 369



How to find us


Dělnická 535, 533 01 PardubiceID: 04756282 VAT: CZ04756282 Bank connection: 273468979/0300File number: C 36568 kept at the Register Court in Hradec Králové

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