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Our company STROJON is certified to EN 3834-2: Comprehensive quality requirements. We are aware that welding is a key aspect of pressure equipment design and manufacuture. We give a great deal of attantion into this process.

We have welding ingeneer, welding  technic and welding specialist to ensure a high quality of our welds. Our welders are certified according to EN 287-1, ASME Section IX.

You can find more information about our production possibilities in section "FAQ" here.


What methods of welding do we use?

Submerged Arc Welding (Under Powder Welding)

EN 4063: 121

Welding head on boom allows to weld shells up to 600 mm in diameter.

column welding machine ESAB

Automatic tube - tubesheet welding TIG/WIG

Comprehensive requirements of EN ISO 15614-8 are met using CNC welding on welding automat.

TIG / TIG orbital welding machine

Welding austenitic steels using TIG/WIG

For small thicknesses it is recommended to use power source with pulsating current and controlled period, limitation of weld spatters and heat input.

TIG/WIG Manual Welding Machine

Semiautomatic welding in shielding gas MIG/MAG

EN 4063: 131/135

MAG welding of conical shellUsing manual and mechanical methods combined with expirienced and certified welders results in very Welding of CouplingsWelding oil tank