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Look at the answers of the frequent questions of the auditors

In case if you would like to fill in your own audit form or you are interested in looking around the company, call this number +420777937329 or email jerabkova@strojon.cz .


According to which design codes do you manufacture?

ČSN EN 13445, ČSN 690010, ASME Code Div. 1, AD2000 Merkblatt, GOST R, RToD, Stomweezen.


Which certificates do you have?

ASME Code (U-Designator), AD 2000 Merkblatt, PED 97/23/EC (modul H1), EN 13445, EN 3834-2/3, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TRCU 032/2013


Which certificate authority do you have for manufacturing according to module H1, G directive PED 97/23/EC?

TUV International


Jakou máte certifikační autoritu pro výrobu ražených nádob (U-Designator) normy ASME?

TUV Nord


Do you also create designs of your products?

Yes. We have our own design department which designs heat exchangers and pressure vessels, we also produce strength calculation..


Which materials are you working with?

Carbon steel and stainless steel.


Which method of welding do you use?

141 (GTAW), 135 (GMAW), 121 (SAW).


Do you have responsible welding engineers in your company?

Yes, we have a welding engineer and welding specialist.


Which qualifications do your welders have?

EN 287-1, ASME Section IX.


Which non-destructive testing are you doing on your own and which are subcontracted?

We have own qualified personal for doing ultrasonic testing and penetration testing, others non-destructive testing are subcontracted.


Do you keep records of calibration lists of all measurements which are used during production?

Yes. All measurements are recorded in our system with link to the calibration lists.


How are the incoming materials checked and accepted for production? 

Incoming materials is checked according to manual ISO 9001:2008, we have responsible persons for marking the incoming material.


In which way are you checking the production of the orders?

After accepting the order the schedule of the order is created based on contract parameters. The schedule is checked every week when the progress report is filled in. Then we can see if the production is on schedule.

If you are interested, in which way our important customers can see in which stage are their orders, contact us on email jerabkova@strojon.cz.


What are your production limits?

We are limited by the size of our doors to our work place which have a width 4,5 m. We have 10 cranes. The biggest internal cranes have a lifting capacity of 25 t. We are able to weld up to 50 mm thickness of steel.


How does your data book look?

The data book is created according to the requests of our customers depending on content and/ or language. If you are interested how our normal data book looks click here.